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Please do NOT use unproven, unbranded herbal products, which can pose serious risks to your health. Because the FDA does not fully regulate the manufacturing and sale of herbal products, it is important that you, the consumer, thoroughly research the quality and manufacturing practices of the products you plan to take.

We do the research for you. We carry only brands that have demonstrated commitment to highest standards of research, manufacturing, and quality control to ensure that you get the safest and most effective vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbal products.

Atkins Nutritionals is the market-leading provider of innovative products and services based on controlled carbohydrate nutritional science. Atkins Diets products give more choices-delicious, innovative foods that make low carb living as easy as it is healthy.

Committed to making a mega-difference through science, innovation and a passion for quality, Cytodyne Technologies has created a new approach to sports nutrition. Rather than offering products that already exist, Cytodyne Technologies has developed a handful of highly "original" formulas designed for the very specific needs of bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Health from the Sun
Health From The Sun is the recognized leader in essential fatty acid (EFA) nutrition. Health From The Sun provides unbiased and comprehensive information on the benefits of all essential fatty acid (EFA) oils. Health From The Sun offer EFA oils in over 50 varieties and sizes.

At Jason Natural Cosmetics, natural is not a term we use lightly and we want you to understand why. We believe consumers must have a reliable natural alternative to chemically-synthesized, technical grade products, and to that end we, at Jason Naturals, are devoted to developing and manufacturing a wide range of personal care and beauty care products that are truly botanical in origin.

Natrol is a diversified nutritional supplement company that manufacturers high quality nutritional supplements, teas and sports fitness products. Natrol's products include a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty formulas, nutritional hormones, diet aids and dietary cofactors. Natrol's formula for prosperity represents 19 years of commitment from almost 285 people to developing products that add to the quality of life.

Naturade's commitment to quality is long known and well regarded, not only as a good example in the health industry - but as a standard of excellence that reflects Naturade's sense of dedication to their profession. It's priority and standard of excellence demands effective, nutritional quality controls. This quality control is integrated through every phase of product development and production.

Nature's Answer
Nature's AnswerŽ is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to total health. As one of America's largest and oldest manufacturers of maximum strength liquid herbal extracts (since 1972) and pioneers of alcohol-free extracts, we continue to combine the best of traditional herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals.

Nature's Gate
Natures Gate is a company dedicated to developing personal care products based upon botanical remedies. Our philosophy derives from combining the decades-old wisdom inherent in botanical, herbal and floral treatments with modern ingredients and formulations. Using all-natural herbs and pH-balanced, biodegradable formulas, each product is carefully formulated to deliver all the benefits of each unique botanical blend.

Nature's Herbs
What makes Nature's Herbs so special? Our tough testing, our patented Freshcare packaging, our Power-Herbs formulas - All the secrets that put Nature's Herbs a sprig above the rest. Our "Certified Potency Test" results in one of a kind supplements, specially formulated to be faster acting and more effective than regular herbs.

Natures Way
In total, Nature's Way provides over 350 products, including single herbs and herbal formulas, standardized herbal extracts, clinically proven phytomedicines, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, homeopathy, specialty formulas and all-natural over-the-counter medicines (OTCs). Our Mission is to benefit the quality of human health and promote positive health care choices by developing, manufacturing, and marketing preventative, curative and nutritive health care products of natural origin.

TWINLAB has had one simple and over-riding objective for nearly 30 years. To bring products that is based on the latest science, and is manufactured to the highest-level pharmaceutical standards. Twinlab Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality, science-based, nutritional supplements, including a complete line of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, herbs and sports nutrition products.

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