Vitamin A

Vitamin A Information

Also known as Retinol, this vital nutrient wasn’t even known about until 1913, when scientists discovered it could prevent night blindness. Then, in 1932 it was discovered that beta-carotene, also known as pro-vitamin A, was the precursor to vitamin A. When we consume beta-carotene, vitamin A is produced naturally by enzymes in the digestive tract that break beta-carotene down. The fat-soluble vitamin A is then stored in the liver, where it can remain for long periods of time. The use of vitamin A supplements supports vision and prevents drying of the cornea. It also plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of epithelial tissues, which consist of the mucous membrane-secreting cells that line all the glands and organs of the body

Vitamin A Benefits

  • Supports vision and prevents drying of the cornea.
  • Plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of epithelial tissues, which consist of the mucous membrane-secreting cells that line all the glands and organs of the body.
  • Associated with reduced risk of various epithelial-cell cancers (mouth, skin, lungs, bladder, breast, stomach, cervix, etc
  • Helps the body create effective barriers to infection, thereby boosting overall immunity
  • Essential for the growth of bones, teeth and soft tissues.
  • Supplementation in AIDS patients may help increase life expectancy for patients with vitamin A deficiencies.
  • Lessens risk for cervical dysplasia, easing of heavy menstrual flow, and relief from PMS symptoms
  • Can lessen the severity of measles and Crohn’s disease

Vitamin A Notes

The Dietary Supplements Information Bureau recommends dosages in the range of 2,000 I.U. to 35,000 I.U. for optimal results, although the most common daily dosage is approximately 5,000 I.U. Since vitamin A is fat soluble, excesses can accumulate in fatty tissues to toxic levels. Consult a doctor if you have been taking high doses of vitamin A over a long period to check for possible symptoms.

Vitamin A Products

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  Natures Way : Vitamin A 
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