Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin

Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin Information

Cobalamin is the common name of vitamin B12 because it contains the heavy metal cobalt, which gives this water-soluble vitamin its red color. Vitamin B12 is essential for growth and plays a role in metabolism within cells, especially those of the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow and nervous tissue.Vitamin B12 is not found in plants, but it is produced by bacteria in the digestive tract of animals, which explains why animal protein products are the only dietary source of this nutrient. On the cellular level, Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the replication of DNA while supporting growth of the body’s cells. The vitamin is also vital for the function and maintenance of the nervous system and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is instrumental in the body’s metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin Benefits

  • Plays an important role in the replication of DNA while supporting growth of the body’s cells
  • Vital for the function and maintenance of the nervous system and red blood cells
  • Instrumental in the body’s metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates
  • Plays a key role in preventing elevated levels of homocysteine from building up in the body even when the levels are increased by lipid lowering drugs known as fibrates - elevated homocysteine increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis.
  • Enhances cognitive performance in older adults - reduces risk of Alzheimer's disease
  • May treat certain symptoms of Crohn’s disease
  • Has been used experimentally to suppress the AIDS virus and to support health in AIDS patients, who are commonly deficient
  • May ease symptoms for people with bronchial asthma while possibly supporting healthy brain function in diabetics
  • May also enhance sperm count and sperm activity in cases of male infertility
  • Can prevent allergic reaction to sulfite

Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin Notes

The Dietary Supplements Information Bureau recommends a maintenance dosage of 1-25mcg daily. Deficiency doses can be 250mcg daily, doses as high as 2,000mcg daily have been used in chronic renal insufficiency. This dietary supplement is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines.

Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin Products

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